I wonder how many Singapore residents are aware that the Government has mandated that a person’s fully vaccinated status expires 365 plus 14 days after the second dose. This can be found in section 6, subsection 4 of the Infectious Diseases (Mass Gathering Testing for Coronavirus Disease 2019) Regulations 2021, read with the First Schedule. The first version of this regulation came into force on April 24.

Should this one-year expiry date not be made explicit by the Ministry of Health (MOH)?

There was an opportunity for MOH to do so in response to a parliamentary question on Oct 4 concerning whether the definition of “fully vaccinated” will be changed.

This must surely be a matter of public interest. It has major implications for all Singapore residents given the Government’s policy of vaccination-differentiated measures. More so, it is of concern because the long-term effects of taking yet more jabs against Covid-19 are unknown.

Does the Government intend for all Singapore residents to take booster shots to be considered fully vaccinated?

And when the efficacy of the booster jabs diminishes, will we be required to take yet another booster?

I hope that MOH will make public why it has regulated an expiry date for each person’s “fully vaccinated” status; how the one-year period was chosen; and what will happen when a person’s fully vaccinated status expires.

Lynn Tan Gek Lian