Khloe Kardashian tested positive for covid. Check out the message that she had for fans.

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Someone said: ‘Hello Khloe, my name is Dodie and I’m praying for complete healing for you and your adorable daughter True. Please don’t let the negative comments get to you. I am a Covid survivor. God decided to let me live when the doctors were having a hard time trying to save my life.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Just FYI antivax comments. You can get the flu shot and still get the flu but you don’t die from it is the key. I have all three and I’m good. The problem is the vaccine helps but can not aid 100% from the variant or if it mutates. So before making arguments then educate yourself.’

One other follower said: ‘Smart that you’re aware that you can still catch Covid while you’re vaccinated. Much like you can catch the flu while vaccinated. To not know that is ignorant! Ugh!’

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A follower posted this message: ‘Yeah but you won’t die as bed end up in hospital is the unvaccinated we are doing really good and I am from New Zealand we don’t have it as bad as you but at the moment we are going through it we’re at levels where we can’t do the stuff we enjoy so don’t say that.’

Someone else said: ‘I’m not vaxxed and when I had at all I had where allergy symptoms. Not everyone gets it bad vaxxed or not. And I know someone who was asymptomatic while not vaxxed but got it bad after being vaccinated. Seems like it’s all pretty unpredictable.’

A fan said: ‘Great to hear you are vaccinated. Natural immunity DOES NOT protect you as much as the vaccine in terms of getting sick. It is well known you can still get the virus even when vaccinated but very low risk of dying, which is the main reason to get vaccinated. It’ll be over soon.’

A mother followed left this message: ‘Bullshit! The changes of dying from Covid been low from the beginning! I had covid back in 2019 n I know alot of people that had it at n we all survived. Funny how they can trick u guys into thinking that the poison will make ur changes of dying lower. The survival rate been low!’

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